Successful BusinessShierly Nangoy is the woman who is always challenged to succeed in doing a variety of things, including business. He is a big risk taker when resign from his position as general manager at the company’s beauty and decided entrepreneurial. On two years alone, he managed to find success and build PT Sinergia Group.

Under the auspices of this company, he already has a hairdressing academy and launch several natural hair care products to salons in Indonesia, such as Il Vasto Colours, Terra Diverde (hair cream), and Sleek et Lisse (for curling and straightening hair ).

In addition to its high passion in the field of hairdressing and beauty, he also gave some tips to build your business and get success in a short time.

Plan and Focus

1. “Blueprint” appropriate and according to plan

Many people are really desperate to start a business with capital. However, capital is not intended capital reckless reckless with his bare hands.

“Capital is reckless desperation that is the courage to begin. Due to the most difficult is the intention to begin with. Though reckless, there must be a clear direction and purpose,” said Shierly Nangoy, Director of Sinergia Group told Compass Female some time ago in Jakarta.

When you want to build a business, he suggested to make the right business plan blueprint. The Blueprint includes a detailed plan that includes the count of capital expenditures for the needs of business, labor analysis, the desired profit target, including the target of a turnover. He added that all this planning should be taken into account along with the planned execution time.

“This is done so that you know, running a business properly or not, is there any control or prediction wrong in your business. If there is a mistake or misses calculations, can be addressed quickly,” he explained.

2. Focus

Focus on the things that are being done today is a key success factor. As I was starting a business, should not be too greedy to quickly establish a branch or expand to other business.

“Even at the beginning of the business has seen quite advanced, do not quickly fall asleep. Rhythm you should keep the order of business and management stable and constant. Basis unstable business instantly when released can make it crumble,” said Shierly.
Be Creative

3. Creative

Neighborhoods is the most appropriate target market for business opportunities. Shierly advised to be observant see that society needs your business more attractive. It is better if you combine the creativity and needs of the community with modern technology to facilitate the application of business products.

However, do not just sell products and services that are creative course, in choosing a business that is run you should also be sure that the product is applicable, practical and affordable price.

4. Instead of avoiding competition

In the business world, you will always find competition. Even if you are the first to sell the product, still there will be people who follow that competition will occur.

“Competition is not a business that can be avoided. However, you can overcome it by doing a variety of new innovations in order to remain marketable products,” said the mother of three daughters twins.

Secrets of Starting a Successful Business

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