Positive Online RecommendationsThere are too many negative commentaries online these days – commentaries that turn up at times for no good reason other than opportunity ranting. Whether it is a legitimate consumer complaint about a business or whether the comments are coming from a disgruntled employee or customer, the damage is immense.

There is no way to determine the validity of a complaint and responding to such complaints online only serves to bring the negativity higher in the search engines. And even more, there is no ways to identify lost business as a result of these negative commentaries.

Certainly there is value in reporting poor business practices or dishonest business encounters. However, the problem is that as a viewer online, how can one know if the complaint is legitimate or simply someone venting on a bad hair day?

The purpose of this lens is to create a positive environment for businesses to be recommended by those who like what they see in that business. If you don’t like the business, there is nothing to recommend. If you do, speak up. The outcome is that just like Thumper’s Mom said: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Getting Found Online

What will readers find when you are searched?

Online Reputation Management is an Internet concept that is a response to the need to overcome negative online commentaries. If everything reported online was positive, love, peace and Woodstock, ORM wouldn’t be needed at all.

It is our belief that the world can be presented in a positive light without the damage that is done by disgruntled employees, consumers or trouble makers. Does that mean that we think there are never problem businesses, transactions or exchanges between a business and a consumer? Of course not – that would be impossible to imagine. BUT – when someone strikes out at a business or person online, the damage is endless and is usually heavier than the original situation that created the negative commentary.

It is our goal to create opportunities for positive commentary. Just as Thumper’s Mom said: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Positive Online Recommendations

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