index“What can I do today to help myself in the next 5 years?”

This question was raised among newly graduated students. However, the answer can be applied to everyone: Establish good and eliminate bad habits. This advice is always in biggest men’s notebook. After all, human beings are learning by copying each others. So, why don’t you follow my Top ten advice below and be like them?

1. Choose sport hobby that you can pursue for the rest of your life.

Pursue running Without exercise, your life is so boring, starting from university lecture halls, and continuing to work. Maybe you don’t know this, but the office is not in the people’s willing list, though we have to go there everyday. Sitting for hours and hours a day will harm your posture, especially your back and your digestive system. You may argue: “Hey, we just work for 8 hours and sit in the equal amount of time, don’t be so serious about it!” And I will reply: “Are you not sitting for 16 hours left of your day? Believe me, we are sitting over half of our day.” Office work is killing you slowly. Please exercise to protect yourself from the disease of civil office.

2. Write down the important things that you’ve made in days

You may see this is nonsense, but it will show you how your typical day is like. According to research by the Harvard Business School, that short period of 15 minutes to write down what happened at the end of the day can make you more effective at work. Hence, find a notebook of your favorite and a pencil, start writing down everything you do today, what you’ve spent on, how many people you’ve met or even how many miles you’ve walked. After a considerable time of doing this, you will have a collection or “data” to analyze yourself. From that point, you will be improved.

3. Talk to strangers every day

Strangers are also new opportunities. This opportunity can help you make new friends, encounter new ideas, get rid of the fear talking to strangers, build relationships, etc. You can even start your own business based on relationship list you’ve built. So expand your relationship as much as possible.

4. Learn to listen

An old adage “You have two ears but only one mouth” will explain the most common mistake everyone, including you, make. Who else does not enjoy talking about himself/herself? Anyway, a real conversation is built on mutual interaction. And the mutual thing is composed of talking and

LISTENING. You will find how awkward the situation is when the opposite person does not care about what you are saying. So, learn how to listen more as soon as possible.

According to Julian Treasure, though we are listening upto 60% of time in our conversation, we only remember less than 25% of what we have just heard.If you spend time listening to others, you should enhance your listening skill by following Julian’s tips in this TEDtalk.

5. Control your life through control your time

Time control When talking about time control, many people, including me, are faint a little bit. But after a while of thinking, I am now able to simplify: “Life is a series of events for days, each day is a chain of hours, and each hour is a chain of minutes.” So, if you manage somehow, to control your time, you will be able to control your whole life. Read that sentence once again, and start with each of your “minute” chains, and move straight ahead to “hour” chains. That is the fastest (and easiest) way to control your life.

6. Seek out happiness in the way of your dreams

Please DO NOT delaying your life for some typical reasons such as “I don’t have time.”; “I have to that first”. Instead, all you have to do now is getting things done and then find out what you love. Pursue it, cultivate happiness into your heart and use it to motivate yourself for further goals.

7. Develop friendship and be nice to people

We are all taught to be nice to people from the beginning of our life. The nicer you are, the more you receive. This is undeniable. At some points of your life, you will find how important your friends are and you ought to know this: Friendship is a magnet that connects people from every corner of the world, no matter which background they come from. Together with love and family, you cannot live a happy life without them

8. Diversify experience and respect older people

At the time you were 18, you have nothing at all, just bare hands. It is hard to do anything without experiences. So, pack your back up and start your own journey. You will learn along the way. Let me tell you a story about the man who is the most successful person. He is not the smartest, but the most experienced. He has nailed himself the hardest armor for what he has been through. For each situation, he is able to find how to deal with it.

How could he train himself? Well, from the older ones. As I said above, human beings are always learning by copying each other. That successful person is smart enough to choose an older one to follow. So, pay your respect to the elder. Don’t you ever think that they are old because of their age! They are the most valuable living library.

9. Saving Money

Secure your gold bag “I have been receiving this kind of advice for thousands of times, it is easy to say!” have also heard of this saying for thousands of times so here, I will be giving you details on why and how to save money:

1. Why do I have to save money?
– The myth: Because you will be able to spend more on whatever I like.
– The myth buster: Because you will be able to prepare for upcoming unknown situations.
2. How can I save my money?
– The myth: Do not live above your shoulders (and head, too!).
– The myth buster: Agreed! Moreover, if you really like that stuff, you can wait until sale season such as Christmas or Black Friday.

10. Set smaller goals

The art of achieving a goal is breaking down into smaller ones. This is a psychological trick that has been applied well on me and I believe it will fit anyone else, as long as you don’t quit. Let say, you want to do continually 100 pushups. Well, don’t be discouraged, but you cannot do it for the first time, you need to break it down and practice. Even Superman needs practices. So, in order to do 100 pushups, you will need to do… 10 mini sets of 10 push-up. Let’s start with 3 sets a day, and then 5 sets, 7 sets and finally 10 sets with rest between. But hold on there, you want to do continually 100 pushups right? Now minimize your resting time, from 1 minute to few seconds. Once you can do 10 sets without any rest, congratulation, you can do 100 pushups! Simple but works.

My Top-ten Advice for the next 5 years of Your life

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