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AppDynamics Visit Australia

Save the Dates, April 14 & 16! AppDynamics are coming down under, and bringing the President with them....Joe Sexton that is, not Obama. Visitng Melbourne then Sydney, with a launch event in the morning, followed by AppJam in the afternoon, it promises to be a fun day.

1st Apr 2014

Business Benefits of DevOps - continued

One of the key reasons DevOps is such a successful model, is that operations and development are now the same team. Something that would take months to produce under the old classic model of development now takes weeks or days.

3rd Mar 2014

The Business Benefits of DevOps

If your business's revenue is derived from end users of your applications, then delivering new features faster and getting instant feedback on the usability of those new features is going to have a direct impact on your bottom line.

25th Feb 2014